The group encourages cooperation actions among professors, researchers and students from 9 Brazilian institutions (UFRJ, UNESP, UFRGS, UFRN, UNIFEI, UFES, UFF, UFPR, UEZO) and 4 Portuguese institutions (LNEC, UNL, IST, ISEL), aiming at creating the infrastructure to conduct experimental, theoretical and numerical  researches on wave propagation in shallow waters.


In June/2001, CAPES approved the project PROCAD 0144/01-0, formalizing the creation of the “Cooperative Network of Research on Coastal and Shallow Waters Hydrodynamics – Boussinesq Friends”  among COPPE/UFRJ, Engineering School of  Ilha  Solteira/UNESP  and Institute of Hydraulic Research/UFRGS. Since then four projects have been approved within the scope of PROCAD  and three projects within the scope of CAPES-FCT.  Until 2015,  12 doctor’s, 13 master’s and 8 scientific initiation degrees were awarded  with the support from PROCAD, and 6 professors from Brazilian higher education institutions  performed post-doctorate activities in Portugal supported by CAPES/FCT since 2006.


From January 2006 to December 2012, the Group developed the Project ONDISA – Wave Monitoring in the Lake of Ilha Solteira (CT Aquaviário) (UFRJ, UNESP and UFRGS).
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