LABECO - Offshore Continued Education Lab


The oil exploitation and production activity on the sea has challenged science in general and engineering, in particular, demanding a permanent search for innovation, technologies and human resources. A fact which demands, besides specialized scientific knowledge, a continued graduation in step with the professional profiles demanded by the oil and gas sector.


Focusing on academic excellence in the training of human resources, in 2001 the Offshore Continued Education Lab - LabECO – COPPE/UFRJ was created, with the purpose of managing teaching and research projects and activities applied to the oil and gas field.

Searching to meet the great demand for knowledge on the marine and oil fields, LabECO has implemented the concept of continued education through the development of POST-GRADUATION and EXTENSION courses, which besides providing specialized training on the marine and oil fields, have enabled the participants to be updated with the ongoing advances of engineering.


The laboratory is linked to the Ocean Engineering Program of Coppe/UFRJ.


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