Created in 2006, it meets the demand for technologies on marine construction simulation processes and digital manufacture. It acts on the teaching, research and development of simulation models related to  marine and offshore construction processes. It promotes the technological and personnel capacitation related to the construction, installation and maintenance of oceanic systems.


Labsen possesses a state-of-the-art physical and computer infrastructure and a workforce composed by professors and undergraduation and graduation students. Its main lines of research are applied to the processes of transport, logistics, production, construction and maintenance of marine and offshore structures. The laboratory assesses the performance of the processes by developing simulations of discrete events, improves the use of resources by identifying bottlenecks and applying optimization algorithms. It promotes also the assessment of productivity and the development of performance indicators, the assessment of risks (time and costs) associated with the production, application and improvement of the lean manufacturing tools.


It is also dedicated to the assessment of existing shipyards and the prospective assessment of processes for different technological and management scenarios, in a way to support administrative decisions, shipyard design, the development of constructive, operational and management processes and capital investments.


The laboratory is linked to the Ocean Engineering Program of Coppe/UFRJ.

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