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LTS acts on the development of studies and technologies for the exploitation of marine resources. Its main lines of research are: structural integrity of risers and submarine ducts, alternative conception of submarine ducts, marine and offshore design and construction, development of sensors and valves for smart completion, systems based on shape memory materials, submarine leakage, detection of blockages and leaks in pipelines, slug studies and renewable energies. The laboratory provides services and performs researches for over 40 companies of the oil and gas sector.

The equipment of LTS includes a vertical hyperbaric chamber for pressure simulation at depths of up to a thousand meters, a horizontal hyperbaric chamber for pressure simulations at depths of up to five thousand meters; and a thermal-hyperbaric chamber (6.7 thousand meters and 200 ºC). There are also fatigue and bending test devices for rigid ducts in real scale, an Instron servo-hydraulic machine (25 t), a DS-2200  electrodynamic shaker (5 to 2,500 Hz), a 145 m flow closed-loop, a closed-loop for the detection of blockages in 100-meter long pipelines, simulation systems for submarine leakage and flow loop for high pressure and high flow rate.


The laboratory is linked to the Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Program.


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