UFRJ Naval and Ocean Engineering is committed to working alongside you after your graduation to provide lasting support in your professional life.

We are proud of you. Become our source of inspiration to build the future.

In this perspective of close and permanent partnership, we want:

  • Ensure a permanent presence with your graduates in terms of continuing education.
  • Promote exchanges between the university and its alumni.
  • Promote the plurality and diversity of its alumni.
  • Permanently animate the community, promoting contacts between former students on social networks.
  • Stay close to your alumni by regularly offering events, meetings and roundtables.

Outstanding Students Gallery

The Outstanding Students Gallery presents a profile of former students from the undergraduate and graduate courses of Naval and Oceanic Engineering at UFRJ with relevant professional prominence.

1280+ Alunos formados em Engenharia
730+ Alunos formados no Mestrado
220+ Alunos formados no Doutorado