The Department of Naval and Ocean Engineering (DENO) of the Polytechnic School and the Ocean Engineering Program (PEnO) of COPPE are located in the Technology Center of the UFRJ Campus of Ilha do Fundão, in an area of about 250,000 m2. The Technology Center (CT|UFRJ) also houses the Chemistry School and the Polytechnic School (POLI|UFRJ), responsible for undergraduate engineering courses. Academic activities take place mainly on the second floor of Block C and Block I (I-2000) of the UFRJ Technology Center (CT1). However, there are large laboratories located outside the UFRJ’s CT area, such as LabOceano, NEO, located in the Technological Park of UFRJ and the Polo Náutico.

Av. Athos Silveira, 149 - CT - Bloco C - Sala 203 -
Cidade Universitária - Ilha do Fundão - RJ
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