Graduated in Civil Engineering, with emphasis on hydraulic works and sanitation, from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1977), M.Sc. in Ocean Engineering from COPPE/UFRJ (1979) and Ph.D. in Coastal Engineering at the Civil Eng. Dept. of MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology – USA (1987). Full Professor of the Dept. Water Resources and Environment of the Polytechnic School/UFRJ and of the Area of Coastal & Oceanographic Engineering of the Ocean Engineering Program of COPPE/UFRJ. Experience in Civil and Environmental Engineering with emphasis on Water Resources, Fluvial, Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering, and Port Engineering, working mainly in: environmental hydrodynamics, computational modeling of free surface water bodies, pollution control and water quality, sedimentological processes, coastal and river works, dredging, submarine outfalls, and environmental impacts. He has advised 81 master’s dissertations and currently advises 4, has advised 33 doctoral theses and currently advises 6, has supervised 6 Post-Doc and currently supervises 2. He has coordinated more than 100 contracted projects through the Coppetec Foundation.

PhD: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
MSc: Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Main research topic: Coastal engineering and oceanography
Phone: +55 (21) 3938-8755

Prof. Paulo Cesar Colonna Rosman, UFRJ.