The project consists of a permanent exhibition that offers a journey in the first Magnetic Levitation vehicle in Brazil, and the first in the world, which uses the diamagnetic property of superconductors. Besides, educational information is made available in the form of educational videos, printed material and guidance offered by monitors.

The main objective of the project is to stimulate the curiosity of the visiting public, especially children, youth and elementary school teachers, for professional activities in physics, urbanism, engineering, architecture, among others. It presents the entire process of development of Magnetic Levitation Technology, from its proof of concept, through models in reduced scale, models in real scale still in the laboratory, until the final application. In addition, lectures are offered at schools and universities for interested groups.

  • Situation: In progress.
  • Members: Antonio Carlos Ferreira, Bianca de Carvalho Pinheiro (PEnO | DENO), Elkin Ferney Rodriguez Velandia, Richard Stephan (Coordinator), Rubens de Andrade Junior.